American Heritage Throw

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American Heritage Throw


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Faribault is proud to craft all their products in America.  To show this pride they’ve created the American Flag throw.  The surprisingly deep, bold colors and vivid patterns are made possible by their proprietary construction technique.  A true keepsake piece.  80% merino wool and 20% cotton.

  • Dimensions:  50″ x 72″
  • 80% merino wool / 20% cotton
  • Dry clean only

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:   With a little care, Faribault Woolens will last for generations.  Wool is the original miracle fiber.  It’s naturally stain, wrinkle and water-resistant, so Faribault wool products rarely need cleaning.  In fact the best way to refresh your woolens is the natural way:  Simply shake or gently brush the woolens and hang them outdoors.

Dry cleaning is recommended.  You can also hand wash in cold water with a mild cleaning agent designed for wool.  Hand wash does not mean the Gentle or Hand Wash cycle in a washing machine, as the agitation can cause the fibers to interlock.  Line dry, taking care to rotate the woolen to prevent stretching.  Iron only on low, only if necessary.  Do not bleach.  If these instructions aren’t followed significant shrinkage and a change in texture could occur.

The Faribault Woolen Mill Co. label pays tribute to their history, incorporating the Faribault Woolen Mill’s traditional marks and messages. It is your assurance of quality and comfort from one of the last vertical woolen mills in America.



American Flag


Made in the USA


Merino Wool, Cotton