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Lunch Tote


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Bring a little sustainability into your lunchbreak.  The Lunch tote is a permanent version of those brown paper bags you used as a kid, except it’ll last forever!  Waxed canvas makes it unique and water resistant, Frost River makes it durable.  The Lunch Tote is a handled tote that snaps shut, and will hold your lunch for a lifetime.

Durable and water resistant (also fruit juice, salad dressing, applesauce, and hummus resistant), this bag will hold up to years of daily use.  The Lunch Tote has a snap closure with twin handles.  Handcrafted at Frost River in Duluth Minnesota.  Keep your snacks where they belong and do something sustainable for yourself and the planet:  Pack your lunch in a Frost River.

  • Size:  7″h x 11″w x 3.5″d.
  • Weight:  5 oz.
  • Closure:  Brass button snap.
  • Materials:  10.10-oz canvas; 1″cotton web; brass snap.
  • Made in the USA.

Frost River products are hand-crafted and made without compromise from the highest quality components.  Their forefathers knew what Frost River knows now: That deep forests, driving rains, drifting snows and rock-strewn portages do a great job of helping you sort out your character and find the parts of you that really matter.