Filson Oil Finish Wax – 3-3/4 oz.

Filson Oil Finish Wax – 3-3/4 oz.


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For touching up hard wearing or flex areas on oil finish Filson garments, or for complete reproofing.   The special paraffin-based wax gives your Filson garment extreme durability and resistance to wind and water, while remaining pliable for extended comfortable wear.

Heavy-use areas can benefit from occasional touch-ups.  Under extremely heavy use, areas of the garment subject to abrasion and flexing can lose some of their finish, and therefore some of their water repellency.  By giving those areas a little extra protection from time to time with Filson’s Original Oil Finish Wax, you can maintain water repellency as good as the day you bought the garment.  Re-proof as often as necessary.

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