Huberd’s Neatsfoot Oil Leather Dressing – 8 oz.

Huberd’s Neatsfoot Oil Leather Dressing – 8 oz.


Item # Huber Neat

Product Information


This Prime Neatsfoot Oil Dressing meets the special needs for Western horse gear. It was developed to carry beeswax deep into saddles, harness and packs: thus conditioning the leather and leaving a natural look and feel. Neatsfoot Oil resists drying caused by arid climates and keeps leather soft and pliable. It replaces oils lost through hard use and repeated wetting and drying cycles. This is the secret to extending the life of leather gear. Contains 8 ounces.

Not recommended for suede or white leather. May darken certain leather.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake container well before using. Leather should be clean, dry and at normal room temperature or warmer for best results.  Apply sparingly with a soft cloth. Rub in leather dressing with circular motion.  Apply as often as needed to restore and preserve leather.