Nor-V-Gen Shoe Paste – 4 Oz.

Nor-V-Gen Shoe Paste – 4 Oz.


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Product Information


Superior Leather Waterproofing and Conditioning Products

For 90 years, Nor-V-Gen has been trusted nationwide by farmers and ranchers, woodsmen and sportsmen to ensure waterproof comfort and extended wear of their boots and fine leather goods. Today, you can have the same quality product to protect all of your fine leathers. The unique formulation of Oil and Paste combines superior grade ingredients which preserve the life of all leather goods. This formulation readily absorbs into leather, rejuvenating and softening it, extending life and wearability.

  • Nor-V-Gen is odorless, waterproof, barn yard acid-proof, and allows leather to breathe.*
  • Does not contain any animal byproducts or silicone to damage stitching.

Can be used on all leather goods ** including:

  • Work Shoes and Boots
  • Children’s Shoes
  • Sports Shoes
  • Gloves and Sports Equipment
  • Saddles, Chaps, and Tack
  • Straps and Belts
  • Grips and Bags
  • And More…

* May darken some leathers.
** Not recommended for suede.