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Superfeet Berry


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With a slimmer heel and an arch length to fit the proportions of the female foot, the Superfeet BERRY were designed for women who live on their feet.

DESIGNED FOR THE FEMALE FOOT –  Exceptional biomechanical support for women who want a little more spring in their step.    The BERRY feature a resilient, high-impact foam forefoot and Superfeet’s unmistakable shape and legendary support.    Designed to fit women’s running shoes, hiking boots and everyday footwear, the result is an insole that can take a pounding so your feet don’t have to.

Superfeet BERRY insoles are vegan and free of latex, nickel sulfate, formaldehyde and preservatives.

FIT PROFILE:   Medium-profile insole with a deep and narrow heel cup to offer maximum support for a female foot.

FITS BEST IN:   All types of medium and high-volume women’s footwear with removable insoles like athletic shoes and boots.

​Superfeet believes in human potential.  The capacity in all of us to achieve more than others expect.  It’s in this spirit they make insoles and footwear to help in the pursuit of the unexpected.  Because when you believe anything is possible, nothing should hold you back.